Region: USA, California

Size: Varies

Viticulture: Mostly Organic

One of the most depressing aspects of the wine business is dealing with disillusioned romantics, jaded by their experience of the industry. This is why we love working with Birichino's Alex Krause and John Locke, who have definitely lost their naivete but retained their infectious idealism even after fifty years of combined experience.

That same experience gives them incredible access to historic, family-owned vineyards all along California’s mountainous spine, credibility with the grapegrowers to influence farming choices from pruning to harvest, and the confidence to take a non-interventionist approach in the cellar. Conversely, the duo's undimmed enthusiasm is evident in every wine, whether it's a fragrant, breezy Malvasia, a berry-fruited, juicy Grenache or an old-vines Cinsault, simultaneously ethereal and deep.

The underlying principles and approach are consistent, simple and honest - growing and harvesting great fruit at low alcohol levels, a light touch in the cellar - resulting in wines which are always vibrant, lithe and fun (‘birichino’ means mischievous in Italian). Santé!