Daniel Vollenweider Single Vineyard Bundle

Daniel Vollenweider Single Vineyard Bundle

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Daniel Vollenweider is synonymous with the Wolfer Goldgrube, a vineyard that he reclaimed from obscurity. Ironically, he has become a victim of his own success as land in the village of Wolf has gotten steadily more expensive; this led him to take a particularly good plot in the neighbouring village of Kröv named Steffensberg.

Goldgrube ("Golden Mine"), as the name suggests, is a south-facing amphitheatre blessed by the sun during the Mosel summer, with its ancient heart a steep, dry slope of pure slate. The wine, unsurprisingly, basks in that summery ripeness, without ever losing its essential minerality.

In contrast, the Steffensberg ("Stephen's Hill") is east-facing, wetter (being more sheltered from the drying sun), and a composite of various slate types. The wine is consequentially less pronounced aromatically, but rounder in the mouth, and shows an earthier minerality.

The 2016 vintage is a perfect one to explore these differences, accentuated by the late season and low yields. Daniel's drive to find the perfect balance for each of his wines is evident, and we think both wines have settled sufficiently to show their respective terroirs.

There is a total of six bottles in the bundle.  It consists of: 

  • 3 bottles of the 2016 Daniel Vollenweider Goldgrube Riesling + 3 bottles of the 2016 Daniel Vollenweider Steffensberg Riesling 


Please see details of each wine below


2016 Daniel Vollenweider Goldgrube Riesling

Off-dry, light-bodied white; Mittelmosel magic

Pairing: White asparagus!


2016 Daniel Vollenweider Steffensberg Riesling

Off-dry, light-bodied ; compact minerals

Pairing: Cereal prawns