Castell d'Age

Olivia JunyentRegion: Spain, Penedès
Size: ~60ha
Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic

Three generations of exceptional women have nurtured Castell d’Age into one of the pioneering organic cava specialists in the Alt-Penedès (the upper Penedès, where the best vineyards are).

In a very macho, corporate environment (the largest cava houses produce about 1,000 times the volume of quality-minded, independent growers like the Junyents), their remarkable success can only be attributed to their resolute dedication to sustainable farming practices (they have been certified organic for over a decade), insistence on superb quality wines and that just-so (and just-right) feminine touch. Apart from cava, they also make a very impressive range of still wines from their own grapes.

The family have recently expanded and modernised their cellars (first built in the 1980s) so that they can move their production in-house (they used to sell a lot of wine in bulk to brokers), and are pressing ahead with biodynamic trials in the vineyards, overseen by Olivia and her siblings.