2015 Domaine des Terres Dorées F.R.V.100

2015 Domaine des Terres Dorées F.R.V.100

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Region: France, Beaujolais
Farming: Sustainable
Grape Variety: Gamay

Off-dry, sparkling red; legal Lolita | A lawyer and a shower

Jean-Paul Brun made his name as one of the proponents of high quality Beaujolais, expressing the nuances of each cru consistently. The FRV100, a sweet, lurid pink bubbly, doesn’t seem to belong to their portfolio at first glance, but closer examination reveals a finely-crafted, well-balanced wine; we call it adult sparkling Ribena – alcoholic, fruity and good for you.

The name is also quintessentially Jean-Paul– say it quickly enough in French and it sounds like effervescent.

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