2016 Domaine du Trapadis Côtes du Rhône Rouge

  • $38.00

Region: France, Rhône Valley
Farming: Organic 
Grape Varieties: Grenache, Syrah & Carignan 

Dry, medium-bodied | A real burger

Helen is jovial and full of (often self-mocking) quips in person. It is also no surprise, given how closely he shepherds the berries from vineyard to the cellar and eventually into the bottle, how much his wines resemble him – cheerful, sunny and toothsome Grenache-based wines well-rooted in the land, its people and their traditions.

The Cairanne is higher-toned and more feminine in comparison to the rest of his wines with its floral, strawberry and white pepper character. Its structure leans towards a sweeter body, but ends on a high note with some good ol' spice. This one calls out for assertive flavours (think Mee Goreng or Rojak)!