2016 Bernard Baudry Chinon «Les Granges»

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Region: France, Loire Valley – SaBoChi  
Viticulture: No chemicals
Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc 

Dry medium-bodied red | Slightly chilled, with a nice whole fish

The Baudry tasting room has a display case that illustrates the approximate depths of the top and subsoil used for each parcel, which goes to show how thoughtful and serious they are in their vine husbandry.

Nicknamed ‘the Sons of the Soil’, the grapes that go to the «Les Granges» are planted nearest to the river, allowing it to be less tannic and much lighter as compared to his other cuvées. Meant to drink young, this Cabernet Franc exudes floral top notes with some capsicums and tobacco peeking through.

Its versatility shines on the dining table, as it will go well with both white and red meats.