2018 Edmunds St. John «Heart of Gold»

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Region: USA, California 
Viticulture: Sustainable 
Grape Varietals: Vermentino, Grenache Blanc

Dry, light-bodied white; springy, clean | Fritto misto

Winemaker Steve Edmunds and his wife Cornelia St. John first bought a couple of tons of grapes in 1985 and began tinkering with them in a warehouse near them home in west Berkeley. Over the last 30 years, Steve has done what all great students and learners do: he has listened. He listens to feedback from other winemakers, his consumers, and most importantly to what the land and the grapes are telling him from one vintage to the next. In a world saturated with degrees and qualifications in viticulature, Steve stands out for his unofficial self-education.

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