2018 Giornata Ramato

2018 Giornata Ramato

  • $62.00

Region: USA, California
Farming: Sustainable
Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio

Dry, med-bodied 'copper'; floral, lifted | Aged taleggio

Husband and wife winemakers, Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi boast an impressive combined background spanning multiple degrees and experience in wineries throughout Italy and California.

Stephy came from a non-drinking household and threw herself into this world through a steady succession of degrees in Viticulture followed by Oenology, Chemistry and Plant Science. She is also a qualified sommelier with experience in consulting and teaching.

Brian, on the other hand fell into wine as a by-product of exploring his Italian heritage. He travelled the length and breadth of Italy, notably interning at world-famous winery Isole e Olena and picking up plenty of tips and tricks on the way. This formative experience was part of the inspiration for the couple's Cal-Ital wine label, Giornata which transplants Italian varieties to America's West Coast. In contrast, the couple's Broadside label is dedicated to three international varieties in pure California style. 

Italian grape varietals have been planted in California since the 1860s when the first influx of migrant workers arrived mainly from the South of Italy, as a result of the Risorgimento (unification of Italy). However, it was only in the 1980s that the Paso Robles AVA became the beating heart of Cal-Ital wine production. More or less halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, it is located in California's Central Coast. The high diurnal range and staggering geological diversity mimic the range of conditions that varieties from the length and breadth of Italy have adapted to.

Stephanie has been working as a consultant on the Luna Matta vineyard since it was planted about 10 years ago. So although the site doesn't belong to the Giornata winery (the Terrizzis buy fruit from the owners, which is quite a common model for our Californian winemakers), they have been intimately involved in vineyard management since the get-go. Certified organic, 530 metres altitude, planted on clay loam topsoils over chalk.