2019 Vincent Gaudry Sancerre «Le Tournebride» (37.5cl)

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Region: France, Loire – Sancerre
Farming: Biodynamic
Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Dry medium-bodied white; propre Sancerre | Young goat’s cheese, fish

For as long as we’ve known him, Vincent has signed off all his emails with “organically yours”, a clear indication of his commitment to sustainable farming. The Tournebride is made of a blend of grapes from three different soil types: chalk, cailottes and marl, which has different sorts of resulting impact to the wine, but what Vincent does very well is the delicate act of balance.

This Sauvignon Blanc has the perfect amount of freshness, acidity, minerality and herbaceousness. A food-friendly wine that would go well with pretty much any white meat as well as on its own.

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