NV de Sousa Champagne Extra-Brut Grand Cru Cuvée Mycorhize

  • $110.00

Region: France, Champagne 
Farming: Biodynamic 
Grape Variety: Chardonnay

Sparkling, dry white; unbelievable | A dense, generous broth; mui fan

The mycorrhiza is a beautiful symbiotic relationship between plant and fungus. Found specifically in the roots of many grapevines, it acts as a conduit for the vine in absorbing nutrients and water. Charlotte de Sousa, (Erick’s daughter) farms this very special Grand Cru plot in Avize of old Chardonnay vines by hand biodynamically ploughing only with a horse to avoid compacting the soil and ensuring as much life in the vines as possible.

The results: an extra brut at 3 g/L that sings minerality and waves of ripe fresh, ripe apples and pears in golden, bright bubbles – a fitting tribute indeed to a very special organism crucial to vine health, and the perfect example of the art of hard work. To have after a long day, with some marinated salmon. 

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