NV Andre-Michel Brégeon Vin Mousseux de Qualité «Gai Perlé»

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Region: France, Loire Valley - Pays-Nantais
Farming: Low Chemical Usage
Grape Variety: Folle Blanche

Sparkling dry light-bodied white | Use as an aperitif

Michel, and now Frédèric, is best known for making seemingly immortal Muscadet which take decades “just to begin to speak”. However, their work with Folle Blanche as expressed in through the Gai Perlé shows that their attention to farming on the mixed gneiss-gabbro sites can make an excellent sparkler – fine mousse, clean and crisp green apple flavours and an arcing mineral finish. It’s bottle-fermented and aged for up to a year before release, and benefits from further bottle aging.