2016 Domaine des Terres Dorées Beaujolais Cuvée l'Ancien

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Region: France, Beaujolais 
Viticulture: Lutte raisonée, some organic
Grape Variety: Gamay

Dry medium-bodied red | Cheeses, roast chicken

Jean-Paul Brun’s wines often reflect the landscape: fruity but not facile with just the right amount of sunshine and cheer, and quite often, a cool, dark edge on the mid-palate and finish. This Gamay reminds us of a cranberry tart on the nose, but also with some earthy, mushroom notes.

2015 was a warmer year, and the l’Ancien does not undergo any carbonic maceration, which explains why it has a more intense body and acidity. Heavier than usual for a Gamay, we recommend pairing with a roast chicken, or some Ravioli stuffed with cheese.