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How does a winery balance the weight of tradition with the need for innovation? Castell d’Age, our Catalan winery, makes a compelling case that one can be at the forefront of change without abandoning time-proven classics. We’re so excited to present the ‘Vanguardista’ and ‘Tradició’ wine bundles this week!

Bundle 1: Tradició

Cava has always been the calling card at Castell d’Age, and the Anne-Marie is their classic cuvée, fresh and elegant. Made with just the traditional varieties, it’s a staff favourite both as an aperitif and with lighter tapas. The Fragments range of still wines is distinctly Catalan: a food-friendly blend of zesty Sauvignon Blanc and sensual Xarel·lo make up the Blanc de Blancs Viñas Viejas, while the Tempranillo offers plummy fruit and seamlessly integrated oak, making us hunger for some grilled beef tongue!

There are three bottles in this bundle. It is made up of:

  • 1 x NV Castell d'Age Cava Brut Nature Reserva «Anne-Marie»
  • 1 x 2018 Castell d'Age Fragments Blanc de Blancs Viñas Viejas
  • 1 x 2016 Castell d'Age Fragments Tempranillo


Bundle 2: Vanguardista

Four years ago, when Olivia Junyent first unveiled their 0% range (meaning no sulfur specifically, but also almost no intervention), we were equally excited and somewhat sceptical. Well, the latest vintage of these vivid wines put any doubts to rest. The perfectly-judged Orange, with just enough skin contact for texture and structure while retaining the juicy fruit of Grenache Blanc; an indigenous champion, the Xarel.lo with the full flavour expression of old vines and minimal intervention; and a by-now familiar favourite, the ever-fresh, delightful Garnatxa. All three cry out for food, whether it’s a creamy cheese with the Orange, seafood with the Xarel.lo, or some chorizo with the Garnatxa.

There are three bottles in this bundle. It is made up of:

  • 1 x 2019 Castell d'Age Orange 0% SO2
  • 1 x 2018 Castell d'Age Xarel.lo 0% SO2
  • 1 x 2019 Castell d'Age Garnatxa 0% SO2


This bundle will only be for sale from 20th to 27th July