2018 Daniel Vollenweider Schimbock Riesling

2018 Daniel Vollenweider Schimbock Riesling

  • $98.00

Region: Germany, Mosel
Farming: Conventional
Grape Varieties: Riesling

Off-dry, med-bodied white; Prussian | Griebenschmalz (lard with crackling)

The 2018er Schimbock is a barely off-dry wine (with 9 g/l of residual sugar) made from Riesling grapes harvested in a similarly-named sector of the Trabener Würzgarten situated in the continuation of the Wolfer Goldgrube. It did go through an extensive (3 days) pre-fermentation cold soak and was bottled in August 2020. The wine offers a quite rich and aromatic nose of pineapple, grapefruit, smoke, earthy spices, thyme, oregano, and black berry. It develops great presence underpinned by phenolic elements and a moderate sense of acidity on the intense and almost powerful palate. The wine leaves a tart and very spicy feel in the ample finish. This hugely impressive version of the Schimbock will particularly appeal to lovers of more ostentatious and smooth expression of dry-tasting Riesling.

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