Our Story

Analogue Wine Merchant was set up by the same three partners who are behind KOT Selections; KOT has been supplying Singapore's favourite bars, hotels, clubs and restaurants since 2011.

All three partners are born and bred Singaporean, but having spent some time living, studying and working abroad they became spoilt by the wealth of wines they could get their hands on. When they returned home to the Little Red Dot, they all suddenly found themselves constrained by the wines that were available in Singapore. That was how the idea for KOT Selections came about. Starting out as a Loire specialist importer, KOT Selections slowly expanded to cover other fascinating regions and delicious wines that are somewhat under-represented in Singapore. 

A "vintage" photo of the three partners from The Business Times, when KOT Selections was founded in 2011

After a while, we noticed that the patrons of these bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants couldn't get enough of our wines. In fact, a few of them were asking the sommeliers and front-of-house teams how they could track down a few bottles of this or that wine for their own private collection, or to celebrate an upcoming anniversary. 

So, since 2015 Analogue Wine Merchant has been making those same wines available to normal folks to drink at home, on your balcony, at a picnic, on the beach, with your colleagues or with your loved ones. Some people have described our portfolio as containing "restaurant-quality" wines. We don't know what that's supposed to mean; what we care about most of all is that the wines you buy from us are tasty, honest and tell a story about the people, the place and the point in time that made them. 

Much like the wine merchants who inspired both KOT Selections and Analogue Wine Merchant (eyes on the legends like Louis/Dressner Selections or Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant), the partners at AWM want to bring you good, interesting wines. A lot of our wines happen to be organic, biodynamic or natural but that isn't by design. In fact, we also have winemakers in our portfolio who are emphatically not organic or biodynamic, and have no intention of going that way. And that's OK! What we care about, and the reason why we've hand-picked each of the wines we import, is because we think they say something valuable and worthwhile.