2018 Weiser-Künstler Trarbacher Gaispfad Riesling

2018 Weiser-Künstler Trarbacher Gaispfad Riesling

  • $88.00

Region: Mosel, Germany
Farming: Certified organic
Grape Variety: Riesling

2018 was immediately pegged as an outstanding vintage. Across the region, grapes achieved incredible ripeness. In this instance, the ripe character is complemented by Alexandra and Konstantin's trademark style of leaner Rieslings. They typically achieve this through a gentle, pneumatic press that squeezes less juice out of the same volume of fruit.

 Alexandra and Konstantin are both from South Germany, but met in the Mosel where they put down their roots. Konstantin Weiser is originally from Bavaria Swabia; after he trained in wineries throughout Germany and also New Zealand, he is now in charge of the cellars. Alexandra Künstler is originally from Franconia and is now in charge of managing the estate. 

They established their winery in 2005, originally under Konstantin's surname. Their trendy owl logo is a reference to the name "Weiser", and the homophone weise meaning "wise" in German. When they started out they vinified fruit from their 1.8 hectares in Enkircher Ellergrub in cellar space leased from friend and neighbour Daniel Vollenweider (whose wines we are also honoured to import to Singapore!). Since then, they have purchased a pretty 19th century house directly across the river from Daniel in Traben-Trabach, and vinify on site.

The plot in Enkircher Ellergrub is still at the heart of their holdings, although they have now expanded to a total of 4.2 hectares in nearby Steffensberg and Gaispfad. The couple's site selection prioritises old, ungrafted vines in keeping with the values of the local Der Klitzekleine Ring, of which they are proud members.

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