2018 Terre de l'Èlu Anjou Villages «Magellan»

2018 Terre de l'Èlu Anjou Villages «Magellan»

  • $103.00

Region: France, Loire - Anjou
Farming: Certified Organic
Grape Variety: 
Cabernet Franc

Dry, medium-bodied red; kaboom! | NY strip, bavette

For ocean lovers; you who are looking for the exhilaration to transport you from one world to another. From coast to coast, bigger and stronger, taking you in wild and uncertain directions. And after the passage of straits and inlets, returning chock full of new flavors... The world has never been so great since the day after Magellan's journey.

Thomas Carsin resisted the commercial temptation to rip out the old vines and worked hard to restore the vineyards to full health; most of the land is now or about to be certified organic, and more importantly, the vines are once again producing grapes and wine worthy of the terroir.

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