2019 Suavia Bianco Veronese «Massifitti»

2019 Suavia Bianco Veronese «Massifitti»

  • $56.00

Region: Italy, Veneto
Farming: Organic
Grape Variety: Trebbiano

Dry, light-bodied white; orange peel, saffron | Chicken dum biryani

The Tessari sisters stand out in an otherwise male- and conglomerate-dominated region, steadily growing the estate their parents started.

The «Massifitti» is an archaeological wine, digging into an ancient variety (Trebbiano di Soave), primordial basaltic terroir, and historical regional tradition. Typically the most aromatically reticent and 'vertical' of their wines, it rewards the adventurous explorer over the course of a week.

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